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The process to buy and its costs

Once you have found the “dream home” this is the continuation of the purchase...

We create a purchase contract, you pay a booking amount, which usually is 5000 euros on resale and 6000 - 10000 euros on new build properties and is usually paid via a debit card.

The property is then removed from the “for-sale market” – no one else can buy it.


The payment of the reservation fee is the start for the lawyer / law firm to check and resolve any debts (on resale), fix electricity and water contracts, prepare the deed, etc. The law firm also keeps in touch with the owner (resale) or the builder (newbuild) to find and determine a date for signing of the deed and moving in.

We at Nordic Home meanwhile have set up a Spanish bank account that is necessary for, among other things, getting electricity and water contracts.


Four to six weeks after the reservation fee is paid is the time it usually takes for occupancy of a resale property, for newbuild properties this depends mostly on the time it takes before the building is completed and finalized.

We help with the acquisition of NIE number = Spanish tax number, visit to the bank and a new look at the residence before the deed is signed.


The day when it is time for the notary, signing of the deed, final payment and keys …. Beginning with the lawyers, you go through the entire purchase, the deed is translated verbally to English. Then we go with you to the notary where you meet the seller, the builder or their legal representative.

Final payment and keys change owners, many signatures later you get a copy of the new deed.

The original deed is sent to the Real Estate Register in Madrid and will be back a few weeks later. In connection with final payment, you may also pay Spanish VAT / transfer tax, notary and lawyer, electricity and water connection, stamp tax etc.

Exact figures for this can be obtained from the law firm in good time and everything will be taken care of by the law firm.

Buying a new build property

10 % – VAT
1,5 % -Stamp Duty ( impuesto de Actos Juridicos Documentados)
0.4% – 0.8% – Notary
0.2% – Land Registry (Registro de Propiedad)
300-400 € – Electricity and water connection
Total costs 12-13%

Buying a resale property

10 % – Property Tax ( impuesto de Actos Juridicos Documentados)
0.4% – 0.8% – Notary
0.2% – Land Registry (Registro de Propiedad)
Total costs – 11 %

Spanish Mortgage Costs

0.5 % Notary
1.5 % Mortgage deed tax ( impuesto de Actos Juridicos Documentados)
350 € – Land Registry
350 € – Valuation fees
1% – 2% – Bank arrangement fees
Mortgage fees total – 3 %

Solicitor cost- 1200 € – 1400 €

Power attorney at the notary (optional)
Preparation of contracts
Checking whether the owners are legal, registered holders of property
Checking Sales Contracts
Changing electricity and water bill in the name of the new owner
Obtain a nondebt certificate from Townhall
Obtain a nondebt certificate from Comunity of Owners
Preparation of the meeting at the Notary
Check all the necessary documents so that the transaction is safely

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