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Investing in real estate in Spain can be a good deal but it is important to choose the right house, apartment or business in the right area. .
In the last 5 years, the value of a Spanish home has increased by an average of 5% per year and if you take into account reduced interest costs and the fact that the rental price has increased by 50% during the same period, it means a return of over 10% for those who bought the right home in the right area at the right time.

And even though Covid 19 has now put the world in a strange situation, there is no indication that the positive trend we had before Covid 19 will not continue. On the contrary, signals we have received indicate that interest is already increasing.

Different types of investments in Spain

Do you want to buy one or a couple of homes for rent? We can help you find just these items and also offer a complete rental solution (including marketing through international portals, assisting with licenses, key management, cleaning and administration, etc.)

Do you want to buy land and build a project with 1-50 homes (including the construction of individual luxury villas)? Together with our experienced lawyer, we help you find land, and negotiate a good price. In collaboration with our architects, we then help you design and ensure that the project meets all requirements for obtaining licenses, etc. We also put you in touch with the bank for financing, as well as insurance companies for guarantees.

We also have contact with experienced construction companies who can help with the construction.

Do you want to buy a finished business such as a restaurant or hotel? We can help you develop different options. Our lawyer then helps so that all inspections, licenses, possibly. takeover of staff etc. is done in a correct manner.

Should I buy through my UK company or start a Spanish company?

This cannot be given a clear answer.

As far as the buying process itself is concerned, it makes no major difference whether you buy a property privately or through a UK or Spanish company. Then you have to sit down and count on what is most economically advantageous in each case. For example. if parts of the purchase are to be loan-financed.

Of course, our lawyer and accounting consultant can help you with this together with your UK accountant.


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