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Golden Visa Spain Golden Visa – Invest in Spain and Get the Residence Permit

The Golden Visa for Spain is a residence visa issued to a non-EU national who intends to make a significant investment in the Spanish economy. The visa offers the holder and their family members residency in Spain and visa-free access to the Schengen Zone.

In most cases, Spain Golden Visas are issued to someone who purchases real estate. However, they are also available to businessmen who invest in a Spanish company, which is why they are referred to as Spain Investor Visas as well.

Who Can Get a Golden Visa for Spain?

To be eligible for a Spanish Golden Visa, you must make one of the following investments:

- Purchase real estate in Spain worth at least €500,000. The real estate can be one single unit or several, with an overall worth no less than €500,000.
- Make an investment in the Spanish public debt of at least €2,000,000.
- Buy shares in a company or make a deposit in a Spanish bank of at least €1,000,000.
- Invest in a new business that will offer employment opportunities, contribute to scientific and/or technological innovation and have a relevant socio-economic impact in the area where the business will be undertaken.

In addition to the investment, you must also fulfil the following requirements:

- You must be of legal age (+18 years old).
- You must have no history of criminal records.
- You must not have been refused a Schengen Visa in the past.
- You must have health insurance in Spain.

Benefits of the Spain Golden Visa

Spain is part of the European Union, which means Spanish residents can travel visa-free to all Schengen Zone countries for up to three months in a six month period, as can your family members.

Other benefits include
  • You do not have to live in Spain to renew the residence permit. But you can if you want to.
  • You and your family members will have access to public services such as state health care and schooling.
  • You can bring your family members with you (spouse, children, and dependent parents)
  • You can work and live in Spain legally.


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